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Sultan Palace as known as The Keraton is one of the main heritage buildings in Yogyakarta where the Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family live. The palace is located in the center of the town and still used for special occasions and ceremonials, especially the coronation. The center of the palace is called Bangsal Kencana which is adjacent to Bangsal Prabayeksa, where sacred weapons are stored.

The marvelous Borobudur temple is the world´s biggest Buddhist temple, an ancient site once declared as one of the seven wonders by UNESCO. Located in Magelang, Central Java approximately reaches 2-hour driving from Yogyakarta city. The temple is decorated with thousands reliefs and hundreds of Buddha statues. Indulge in the beauty of sunrise on Borobudur, and engage in the remarkable adventure of ancient stories from Buddha on its relief.

Prambanan is the biggest Hindu temple compound in Indonesia, bringing the legendary story of Roro Jonggrang as it is depicted on its relief. More to offer, stunning night performance of Ramayana Dance bring a magnificent visualization of legendary epos of Javanese Culture.

Formerly known as a pleasure garden for the Sultan and his family, it was also functioned as a rest house for the Royal Family. It is located two kilometers away from the Sultan Palace. The site included a mosque, swimming pools, artificial lakes and meditation chambers.

Built in 1765 by Dutch as a capital and defense building of the government, the building is well maintained and now become a historical landmark museum.

A famous street known as one-kilometer-pathway is a paradise of local souvenirs originally from Yogyakarta.

Beringharjo has been functioning as a trading place since 1758. Now, it offers more merchandise, ranging from batik, traditional snacks, Javanese herbs, food and more to explore.

A stunning active mountain located in the north of Yogyakarta. Merapi is beautifully nestled and be part of the culture that live within.